Many people experience depression at some point their lives.  It can be a short or long term in duration, and often serves as a catalyst to look within at the underlying concerns.   

If you or someone you know has struggled with depression or depressive feelings, then you are likely to recognize some of the common symptoms. These symptoms include feelings of emptiness or pervasive sadness, a diminished interest or pleasure in your day-to-day activities, a sense of worthlessness, insomnia and fatigue, and trouble thinking clearly.

There is a rich and nuanced tradition in psychodynamic psychotherapy around the understanding and therapy of depression.  My approach focuses on building a safe and supportive environment, so that you can explore the underlying factors at play in your thoughts and feelings.  Insight and support go hand in hand.  Over time, depression can be worked through to a place of deeper self-awareness, renewed vitality and a sense of direction.



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